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a slow descent to madness.
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Hi! I'm Lenny.

    • I do read and appreciate every single comment I receive, but I am quite busy in this period of my life, so please, if you have something urgent that you need a quick reply to, mention it in the message itself - and preferably send it as an email or note.

      I should also mention that I tire quickly of social interaction, and this does lead to infrequent disappearances. This doesn't mean that you're a horrible conversationalist or anything! I'm just very drained and need to recharge.

    • No swearing or foul language of any kind on my page or artwork, please.
      Spamming is not appreciated either.

    • Languages: Afrikaans, Nederlands, and English.

    • No requests, please. I cannot work for free. I do take commissions - however, due to the ongoing comic I'm creating and other projects I am part of, places are severely limited.
      Email or note me for enquiries.
      Also, if you want a print available of a specific piece, ask away!

    My email :

After all, to the well-organized mind, death is but the next great
adventure. ~Albus Dumbledore



Makishima Yusuke - Yowamushi Pedal by LennyThynn
Makishima Yusuke - Yowamushi Pedal
So, lately (among other things in life) I've been incredibly into Yowamushi Pedal - both the anime and manga and extra material, though as with all things, I'm more into the manga. The anime is just to fill in the time waiting for the next volume to come out (and for the incredibly funny omakes at the end of each episode).

And this dude is my most best character.

More fanart will be in transit soon. He's so easy to draw it's ridiculous. And his style... aaaah, it is fun, oh so fun.

Also I apologise for my lack of presence here and elsewhere. I've been working on a comic all this time and it's eaten up most time I had for individual pieces. Check my facebook for some inkwork of mine that I don't show here~


Krita and IllustStudio, February 2015.…
2P!Canada Contest Prize by LennyThynn
2P!Canada Contest Prize
The contest prize for Ayshianese , the winner of the Insanitalia-Project contest held a while ago.

Some research into 2P!Canada gave me the information that he totally melts with small/cute/adorable animals, so I just had to do something along those lines. Ended up spending quite a lot more time on it than I though I would have, but I do hope you like it!


Krita, December 2014.…
Catspaw by LennyThynn
I'm taking part in the Naver webtoon challenge. The title is Catspaw, and has currently 3 chapters of the main story and 1 special chapter.

It's about two boys and the consequences of bothering witches while working, and is in the fantasy genre.

Please do check it out if you like!

And... though I don't think much about rates and likes, it does show me if people are enjoying my story, so if you are shy of leaving a comment, please make use of those~

I'd also welcome any constructive criticism, as it's my first time making a comic of any sort, barring a few half-finished chapters that are hidden in my hard drive.


Krita, December 2014.…
Hannu en Ville by LennyThynn
Hannu en Ville
Hannu and Ville from Minna Sundberg's comic A Redtail's Dream.

Hannu, throughout the book, reminds me very much of myself, though I'm not as rude, haha...

The book version of the comic I ordered a while ago finally arrived, and it is beautiful! And because I splurged on it, it has (as well as her signature) an original picture by Minna in it of human Ville, and I squee every time I look at it<3


Krita, November 2014.…
Lalli en Katte by LennyThynn
Lalli en Katte
Updated: More texture stuff~

Been working on this on and off between commissions and schoolwork.

This is Lalli, a scout and Finnish mage from the webcomic Stand Still. Stay Silent.

You can find the brilliant MinnaSundberg's comic here.

Stand Still. Stay Silent. is a master piece of a webcomic. It's a light post-apocalyptic story, with currently more emphasis on characters and humour than action (but considering the direction the story is taking... that is changing rather rapidly). It's set in the Nordics, 90 years from now. Currently on 202 pages with 5 updates a week, totally worth reading!

Oh dear. That sounded like an advertisement.

I can explain it by saying I am a major, major fan of this comic. So much so that I preordered the first book of SSSS, and bought Minna's earlier comic, aRTD... I never buy comics, this is the very first time I've done so! XD

*Lenny is totally head-over-heels in love with Minna Sundberg's works*

Hmm. I think the thing I like the absolute most about Minna's comics is that she treats her characters like people. Not some cardboard cutout that needs to fill a role. They're all real, which I find is a rare thing to find in the world.

And of course her art is breath-taking, mmm.


Krita, September-October 2014.…

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